Saturn Wallet Supports Ethereum (ETH) & Ethereum Classic (ETC) DApps

The Saturn Network project, which is working in order to bring together a whole ecosystem of decentralized exchanges across multiple blockchains, announces the release of Saturn Wallet.

Saturn Wallet supports Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), which allows users to access decentralized apps on both blockchains directly from their browsers. Users can manage their wallet, swap networks and more in just one click.

Being based on MetaMask it is very easy to migrate over an existing MetaMask or ClassicMask account to the Saturn Wallet that have been recently released.

At the same time, ETC users will have a flawless simplicity of accessing the blockchain by using the interface that Saturn Wallet provides. And indeed, Saturn Wallet was able to solve the lack of any wallet that could provide this function. Developers will be able to deploy smart contracts on the blockchain, allowing them to start a whole range of projects.

With an Ethereum Classic browser in place, all other dApps on the Ethereum network can be migrated over to ETC.

Another important thing to mention is that they will be launching a zero fee decentralized exchange known as Radex. With a dApp browser and the first decentralized exchange, the network will be ready for developer teams to come in with new projects. They know that investors will be able to use their products through the Saturn Wallet, and that they can also count on any created tokens being listed on the Radex Classic exchange.

Saturn Network started to transform cryptocurrency trading activities since December 2017 when it launched Radex. Radex is the first zero-fee decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum tokens with ERC20 and ERC223 support.

The team behind Saturn Network is working in order to decentralize trading activities. Moreover, they are developing a protocol that allows access to a shared decentralized orderbook that is governed by a DAO. In this way, users have complete control over the direction of the project. In addition to it, with SATURN tokens, you will be able to vote on exchange fees, have new tokens listed and receive dividends (which is a share of the collected fees).

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